QC Blog: Pittsburgh's going to the Super Bowl!!!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Pittsburgh's going to the Super Bowl!!!!!

Yeah, can you believe it? Pittsburgh is going to the Super Bowl again! After a nail-biter of a game, we beat the Baltimore Ravens and won the AFC Championship and will be playing in the Super Bowl on Feb. 1, 2009.

If I weren't so excited about this, I'd be totally consumed by the fact that Barack Obama is being inaugurated tomorrow as President of the U.S. I'm going to take a Steeler break for tomorrow and immerse myself in the ceremony, then throw myself over to the Black and Gold fever that overtakes the city when something like this happens.

There's a really cool picture of Pittsburgh circulating the Internet with a Steeler moon hanging over the city and a Terrible towel in the rivers reflection. Awesome!


Anonymous said...

Yeahhhhhhh! And we even watched it in real time. Troy Polomalu had an outstanding game! What a truly unexpected development... sweet, none-the-less. I'll be tuning into the inauguration today. Got my latest quilt top mostly together this past weekend...the borders are next, but they require some minor piecing. The theme of this quilt is moons and the purpose was to use some the moon fabric I've been collecting for some time. It's a puzzle...was fun to put together; it had mirror image blocks and I did have to redo a few of them (shhh...don't tell anyone).

Jenny said...

I guess I forgot my password. Meant to sign the comment...It was me if you hadn't guessed. Jenny!

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