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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Instructions for the Best Scrubbie

My friend Cassie has graciously given me permission to post her instructions for scrubbies on my blog. She said she would be pleased if others were able to benefit from the pattern. If you use it, and are pleased with it, I would encourage you to leave a comment on the blog to let me know how you like it, and to let others know if it's a useful pattern, and then I can pass it on to her. Trust me, after all this experimentation, this is the best pattern around. You may need a crochet instruction book to help you with the correct stitches. Enjoy!

Nylon Scrubbers

Cut nine 2-inch wide strips of nylon net.

Tie these nine strips together to form one long strip leaving approximately four to six inches as "tails." (Shorter "tails" if the net is stiff, as much as six to eight inches if the net is really soft. This will be your "stuffing" later on.)

Make a slip knot and put on crochet hook (I use Size K).

Chain Four.

Join to form a circle.

Insert hook in center of hole and single crochet eight stitches around the circle. (Insert the hook in the middle of the circle eight times and make a single crochet.)

Make two stitches in each of the eight stitches and continue until you have 28 stitches around. (Increase)

Single crochet around the scrubber (28 stitches) three times. (You can use a piece of string to mark the beginning of your "rows" until you get used to how far to go.)

Begin to decrease (single crochet in every other stitch.)

When you have a hole about the size of a silver dollar, turn the scrubber inside out. You will be stuffing all the "tails" inside and they will act as stuffing.

Continue decreasing until the scrubber is completely closed. Pull the end of the nylon net through several holes in the scrubber to secure it, pulling the last bit to the inside with the crochet hook.

All the measurements are approximate. All nylon net was not created equal. Some is stiff and scratchy, some softer. Your tension will also influence the size. You may have to experiment to find the right number of stitches for your liking.

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