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Monday, May 31, 2010

It's been a long time!

You must've thought I fell off the face of the earth, it's been so long since my last post. I've been working on a project for my niece, Madeline's, wedding shower, that I was hosting at my house. I couldn't blog about it or post photos of it. The shower was on the 22nd of May and was a great success. I used this great umbrella fabric I bought at a quilt show and made "Snap Happy" bags by Stitchin' Sisters. I made 40 bags and filled the bags with the 40 scrubbies I crocheted since my last post. I added mints and a Revolution teabag (comes in a cute little box) to the umbrella bag. It was an awesome favor. I asked the cake store to use the fabric to decorate the cake.

Carol's Pastry Shop in Zelienople did a wonderful job. She added some purple umbrellas because Madeline's colors are purple and green. Here's a photo of the what was stuffed in the bags.

I'm now making cookies for the wedding and coordinating the other cookie bakers for the wedding, so that we don't all make the same thing. I've recruited a couple people to help me bake. I'm making a cookie every other day and have mapped out a schedule of how much time I have before the wedding. I researched all my cookbooks and made a list of a good variety of cookies. I have all the recipes ready in case anyone offers to make something.

Right now, I am sewing a little every day, making a cookie, and still going to PT for my plantar faschitis. Online, I'm fascinated by the Baby Osprey that you can look at live at The Chestertown Spy. If the camera isn't working, go to the Home page and click on the Osprey Cam, sometimes they change the link. During the day, it seems like there's always a bird in front of the camera. At night though, the little birds are moving around and you can see them much better. They really blend in with the nest during the day.

I'm also checking in everyday to the Inspired by Iceland website where you can click on different live camera views of cool places in Iceland. This link will take you to the geysir and you can navigate on the map to other places to visit.

Check out the links and have a great day.

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