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Friday, October 10, 2008

Pittsburgh Turnaround

We all have things that we are really good at - some are more useful than others. In my job, I photograph houses and use map quest to find my way to lots of different locations. Most of the time, it works out OK, but I do tend to get turned around a lot. I go north when I should go south, east when I should go west, and turn left when I should go right. Since I started this job, I have become a master at the 3 point turn in my van. You may see this as a not very useful skill, but on the streets of Pittsburgh, which can be very small, or hilly or woodsie at times, making a 3 point turn in a small space is a great asset. Of course, that doesn't help my sense of direction. The other day, I was in Beaver Falls, and in my hurry to get home, ended up taking the Turnpike West instead of East. I ended up in Youngstown, wasted 1.5 hours on the road, and had to spend 1.00 to get into Ohio , and 3.00 to get back in PA. It was one of those days I was really glad I was by myself in the car as I kept calling myself all sorts of names. Then I finally decided to just laugh at myself and make a note to always visit the ladies room BEFORE I get on the road - just in case - I do this again!

I finished the quilt for my friend and quilted it with ocean waves. She was very happy with it. I have mixed feelings about machine quilting. I love my Hinterberg machine. I love that I can finish a quilt in a few hours, instead of months or years. But I'm impatient. I have trouble stitching slowly and that makes my stitches larger than I like. I miss the heirloom quality of hand quilting. I miss being able to say that I hand stitched and hand-quilted this quilt. I actually miss hand piecing. I marvel sometimes that Jinny Beyer still hand pieces all her quilts. Some of them are very intricate.

I'm looking forward to our trip to Iceland. I heard that there's a famous quilter who hand dyes her fabric over there in Iceland. I hope I get a chance to check it out. Also, when we're in Boston we may take a drive to Kittery, Maine, where Daryl Hall just happened to buy a historic home there called Bray House. I try to connect all parts of my life to Hall and Oates in some way. Why not my trip? I can't believe how hard it is to pack with all these airline restrictions. That makes me more nervous than anything else. It's my Catholic school upbringing. I'm terrified of getting in trouble at the airport. I think I have everything packed the right way. My priorities are my camera equipment and my coat!

Since we are leaving Saturday morning, this will be my last post until we get back on the 20th. I'm not taking a computer with me so can't post while we're away. I'll be celebrating my birthday in Iceland this year.

I plan on having a great time. Don't miss me too much and have a great time while I'm gone.

mjs 10.10.08 1:22 am

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Eli said...

MJ, I think you have (or are striving toward) the perfect balance of "quilting" in your life. I see it like this: You can enjoy the feeling of quilting productivity by finishing quickly on your Hinterberg (that sounds Icelandic, no?) You can also do the hand-piecing, hand-quilting projects at QC or in front of the TV to relax and fulfill the traditional desire. Without the feel of productivity, motivation to continue dwindles. Without the feeling of being true to ones fundamental beliefs, productivity is emptiness. Something to ponder in the Icelandic hot springs. And yes, I do love the waves you quilted into my ocean! Can't wait to see the pictures of Iceland waves and such!

Oh, and as Lucy was showering, I flashed back to our discussion on sneezing...water in the nose...does it happen in the shower? Wow...I never thought of sneezing so much...must be a real pain in the neck (or back, or shoulder).

I'll watch for international news about 3 chicks with Terrible Towels making mischief throughout Iceland!! Did you intentionally pick the Stillers' bye-week? You will be on the plane during the last debate...? nothing new there anyway! Journey safe & peacefully, Jenny

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