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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Things that drive me crazy

Here are some things that drive me nuts.

Plastic surgery and Botox on women who used to be absolutely stunning. Olivia Newton John, Meg Ryan, Annette Benning, and worst of all Cheryl Tiegs. Why do they do this? Did someone actually tell them they look good? Did you see Faye Dunaway on Gray's Anatomy last week - oh my gosh - just awful! Cheryl Tiegs is, ironically, on a show called True Beauty. She looks like a different person. Oh, and Glenn Close - what did she do to her mouth? Why women who are so gorgeous do this to themselves baffles the mind. Sophia Laren looked incredible at the Oscars on Sunday and she didn't look as if she's had surgery. She had normal beauty and wrinkles and laugh lines in her face.

TV's - everywhere! Don't misunderstand me, I love watching TV as much as the next guy, but do I have to be bombarded with TV at every restaurant, doctor's office, dentist's office, airport, PT office, hockey arena, football stadium and baseball park? Is there nowhere I can go where there isn't the white noise of television? I especially hate it at restaurants, which used to be a relaxing place to go away from home.

Blackberry's and cell phones - this includes twittering and texting. What is happening to the attention span of the average adult? On the news today, they showed how the Congress and Senators were twittering during Obama's speech last night. How incredibly rude. It's so much more important to say stupid things like "Here comes the Supreme Court" or lamenting "The Senators have the aisle seats," than to be seen paying attention to someone who is speaking. Where is Emily Post when you need her?

People who talk on their cellphone in restaurants and bookstores in their normal voices -loud and annoying. The same goes for talking on your cell phone when you're with someone else. What better way to say "you don't matter" than to carry on a cell phone conversation in front of your companion. I'm not saying not to ever answer your phone, but truly, is every cellphone call that important? I think the person in front of you deserves your attention first.

Bathroom stalls - I'd love to know who puts the toilet paper dispensers in these stalls. Do they ever try and sit down with those giant 2 rolls dispensers on the wall? They are either too low to reach the paper, or right next to the seat so they dig into your leg or push you off the seat.

Computers - I love them and I hate them. I can't be the only person who keeps having their hard drive crash. I'm on my fourth one. Why doesn't anyone know how to fix these things and get my information off - for a reasonable price?

Great Inventions - No touch sinks, toilets, and paper towel dispensers. When you're traveling the turnpike in PA,, you really appreciate not having to touch anything in the bathrooms.

Let me know what drives you around the bend.


Anonymous said...

Things that drive me crazy...

In general: FREE SAMPLES. It turns people into crazed, starving narcissists. Ex) trying to get around at Costco in a timely matter without hitting the wandering, listless shoppers getting their share of the EVERY FREE SAMPLE, never intending to buy the product anyway (Hello--that's the point, people!). No, they consider it to be lunch.

As a quilter: loose thread ends and sewing after the bobbin runs out of thread. (no alarm on my machine)

As a consumer...I HATE FEES! and the sneaky little ways that they are tacked on. There are usually layers of fine print to sift through after you finally spot the fee, then see that it's reoccurring! They add up! Case in point...online banking is not instantaneous...and due dates are not really the due dates. If you set the [bill] payment to go out of your account on the day that it's due, if the bank posts it after NOON, it's considered "late" by the recipient even though they received it ON THE DUE DATE! What's worse is knowing that you picked the date (i.e., paid the bill) way ahead of time thinking that it would be paid at 'opening bell' of that business day....NOT!

AS a parent...SNOW DAYS! On Mon. 2/22, there was a 2 hour delay, THEN CANCELLATION! Despite the fact that all 6 in. of snow fell before midnight on Sunday, and it was not actively snowing AT ALL, both calls came at the last possible minute. TWO THINGS-- 1) Snow falls in western PA; why is it always such a crisis causing hysteria and over reaction? Ask someone from WI or MN if they delay and cancel school all winter. Learn to DEAL WITH IT- do what they do! 2) Not everyone is plugged into network/family who are available on a minutes notice to stay home with school age children. Conscientious parents (mostly falls on the shoulder of the part-timer and/or the mom) struggle with the decision to leave a 10 year old at home all day vs. call off 'sick' from work vs. impose on a 'friend.' Complaining to the district about their conservative 'student-first safety policy' turns you into some wack-job who looks to the state to babysit their kids. NO! Really... responsible women who want to work have to make a choice: Go to college & Don't have children; Go to college- work- take time off to actually RAISE the children in your home(vs. daycare)- take 15 years off and get them into 5th grade; 20 yrs. off-9th grade; then try to use your outdated degree to enter the work force? WOW...! Try to work part-time to keep your skill set up...what workplace (even part time) compensates for 2 hour delays and snow days? As an employer, it's not worth it. As an employee, why bother with the hassle? To women, it's a big fat double standard. It is precisely the reason why a 'Sarah Palin' will NEVER hold a high governmental position until she's 65+ years old and society judges her to be in a position where she doesn't have the primary maternal duty and daily distractions of being a mom. The ludicrous part of that is that once a parent, mom-or -dad, your family always matters more than anything else in the decisions that you make. Just that society consistently imposes different standards...

Eli said...

Passwords...either make them all the same (Jenny) or write them down.

Anonymous said...

I agree about the botox stars use. Priscilla Presley, Susan Lucci, etc. it is so hard for them to smile, they look phoney. Even Wayne Newton can't crack a smile! If this is what God gave me then I live with it. I never try being younger that I am. A lot of times when women try to look younger and dress that way, too, I think they are making a fool of themself. Growing old is not for wimps!! Accept it; it's better than the alternative!!
People drive me nuts at Sam's Club with the free samples--I think they go there for lunch!
Restrooms--I simply abhor people who do not flush the commode after using it-is it such a chore to do so??

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