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Monday, May 4, 2009

Let's Go Pens!!

Oh, the agony of sports! The Pens are playing the Caps and since I'm a hometown fan, and not a 24-7 sports fan, watching games drives me crazy. My mom used to turn off the TV at the first sign that we were doing badly. That could have been in the first inning of baseball, the first minute of hockey, or the first quarter of football. Sometimes she would tune in an hour later, and inevitably she often missed the best parts of great games. I do love to win, but the anxiousness of the game drives me crazy. It's easier for me to listen to a game than to watch.

In my save the environment quest, I changed my mind about the stainless steel straw and instead I bought a glass straw (for my daily soy drink) at Glass Dharma.com and after a day of getting used to it, I decided I love it. My family thinks I'm going to immediately break it, but I think I can handle it. The website is offering everyone one free straw and charges 3.00 for S&H. My next goal is to use fewer paper towels. I didn't realize how often I reach for a paper towel just to dry my hands until I started trying not to do it. Small steps. We can save the environment.

I found a great new website called StuckInCustoms. It's the #1 travel photography blog, and each day he posts a gorgeous photo from somewhere he's traveled. They are the most unbelievable photos. Each day I visit to check it out. Try it out.

The lilacs are blooming - don't they smell wonderful?

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