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Friday, April 2, 2010

Found my scrubbie!!

I forgot to update on my scrubbie saga (see previous post). I went back to the crochet book and realized that I was indeed doing some of the stitches incorrectly. I bought an inexpensive pattern from the Internet that looked like a really good one, and I achieved my goal of the scrubbie being round but still not completely flat. I emailed my aunt and asked for her pattern, but it was written in that kind of crochet shorthand as if she was talking to me, and I didn't entirely understand it, but it was the closest to being a normal size scrubbie. Unfortunately, she uses a much smaller hook than I'm able to use. The scrubbie was hard and I didn't like the way the back looked. And I couldn't repeat the same shape twice.

Finally, in a round about way, I found my friend through someone else on the Internet and asked her if she would send me her instructions for the scrubbie. First try, it was perfect. Now the real test, could I repeat my success? YES! I finally have instructions for a scrubbie that is perfect. It all comes down to the right size strip, tying it the right way, so there's something to stuff inside, having the correct size hook, and clear, clear instructions. Thank you, Cassie.

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Cathy said...

I would love to know how to make these. Where did you get the original instructions?

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