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Friday, September 2, 2011

September Already?!!!!

I should have been enjoying my tomato harvest this time of year.  My garden is an overgrowth of weeds, since I was too lazy to plant on Memorial Day weekend. Somehow, the thought of putting anything outside that would attract even more stink bugs to my yard was utterly distasteful.  So I opted out this year.  Now I'm regretting that hasty decision and hankering for the taste of a homegrown tomato. (if you have any extras you can send them my way....)

We returned in early July from our vacation at the Jersey shore.  I took the opportunity to return my shells to the ocean, although at the last minute, I caved and kept some of the pretty conch shells we had purchased. I just couldn't stand to throw them away.  Zachary, my youngest son, who is always a good sport, went with me to help get rid of the shells.  I was ok with watching him pitch the shells back into their ocean home until he handed me

one and told me I had to participate in the ceremony.  He said it was symbolic, and I needed to throw a few in. That was harder, but I prevailed and we threw the last couple shells in together, saluting my honeymoon, our  vacations, their childhoods, and all the memories.

This photos is one of my favorites, fashioned after a painting that was in our beach house. 

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