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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Looking Back 2013

Yes, this is one of those posts, where you look back over the past year and say what have I accomplished?  Apparently blogging a lot is not something I did a lot of in 2013.  One post! For shame!  I have to do better in 2014.

As for quilting, I did accomplish quite a bit.  I had a couple of special projects I tackled in 2014.  I made my first t-shirt quilts for two very special little girls.  One of my challenges was including a plain white t-shirt in each quilt, so I used that block to put their name on the quilt.  It was a complete surprise to them and I delivered them so they could be a Valentine's Day gift from their mother.  Even though we exchanged thanks and tears when I delivered them, I recently received such a beautiful note from their mom, reiterating the fact that they all loved the quilts.  There is nothing like words from the heart to fill you up.  These are my t-shirt quilts for Grace and Olivia.

We greeted another Grand Nephew, Thomas, into our family.  I made him a zoo quilt to welcome him.  And of course I made the carrying bag from quilt scraps.

My youngest son Zachary got engaged this year to a lovely girl named Gretchen, they'll be married next year in July.  I can hardly believe I was 4 years younger when I got married.

I taught James his first phrase "cool guy" while we were at Kennywood in September.  Now everyone he meets is a Cool Guy. 

I attended photo conferences this year, RTV, I Heart Faces, Creative Live Online.  I practiced taking photos of my cousins Natalie and Ian (great subjects!) and senior photos with my friend's son, Eli. I got a new camera at the end of the year, preparing for my new venture into newborn, children's, and senior photography.

This Christmas was a very bittersweet time.  All of us were together, some experiencing a loss in the family.  It made us feel very fortunate to all be together and celebrate on Christmas Eve.  I was so proud to watch all of our children as young men and women, and how they carry themselves in this world.  They are a force to be reckoned with.   

We plan a trip to Holland next year, and with the wedding in July, it promises to be a very wonderful year.

Happy New Year!  

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