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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I gotta say, I'm extremely proud to be a woman today. I watched Hillary Clinton's speech at the Democratic convention last night and was totally inspired. (Don't let my political leanings turn you away from my quilting. I promise I'll be brief). I wish she had won the nomination, but she did such a wonderful job at endorsing Barak Obama. And she inspired such hope for the future of women. I visited my library today, where they're having an exhibit on Lincoln. Reading the entire history of slavery and abolition and his presidency was interesting. It's amazing how far we've come, and how far we have yet to go to be truly "equal" in this county.

So, how does this tie into quilting...hmmm. Well, our quilt circle (The Cranberry Township Quilt Circle) made a quilt that we donated to the Friends of the Cranberry Library so they could raffle it off to benefit the library. We were inspired by Eleanor Burns' Stars Across America book where each star represents a great woman in American history, so it ties in with the Lincoln exhibit. The raffle will continue until the Election. I went over there today, and it looks great. By the way, tickets are only $2.00 each and 3 for $5.00. I guess I'm pretty proud of this quilt too. It's the first large quilt I've machine quilted.

I did get a half reply from Quiltmaker about my query yesterday. They said the fabric is called Chambray and couldn't find it on the Benartex site. So I did some more searching on their site with the word Chambray and found the checked fabric in a line called Pipsqueaks on the website. Their Creative director is supposed to contact me to tell me how they made that block with 3 different colors. We'll see.

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