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Friday, September 19, 2008


It's hard to believe it's been almost a week since we came home from the ocean. I posted some photos below of the seagulls, so you could see how cute they are when they're small. I bought some Mums to plant out front (I leave that to the guys in my household, I just point and tell them where to put them). My favorite are the bright yellow ones. I love the colors of fall. The air is cooler, but unfortunately I'm allergic to the cold air. That sounds crazy I know, but it makes me sneeze. I usually have to close the windows and doors at night as soon as this weather hits, because I start sneezing and can't stop. The last two years I've been taking an antihistamine and it helps for a little bit of the season. Eventually, I'll still have to close up as soon as it feels cool.

I can't help it - I have to write how I feel about all the political stuff going on. It infuriates me that lawyers and legal mumbo jumbo are able to totally stall the investigation going on in Alaska. If we're going to "welcome public scrutiny," as was stated before, then what are you trying to hide? I hate liars and I hate cheaters. Let the candidates rise or fall on their own merits. Let this election be about the issues and if there is dirt, let it come out. Everyone else has had to air their dirty laundry in public in the last months, why shouldn't the VP candidate? Why can't lawyers and handlers let their candidates handle themselves? The truth is, as I see it, if they can't handle themselves, then they will fail in their bid. When they cheat and lie to get ahead, I just don't understand why people don't see through it.

I'm taking the afternoon off today and spending the time in my sewing room. I have a beautiful room with 2 skylights and 4 windows. My quilting machine is in there and my sewing table. I love the room. First, I'm going to take a walk to help my cholesterol. (Exercise is supposed to help lower my LDL).

Have a great afternoon.

mjs 9.19.08 12:05 pm

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