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Monday, September 22, 2008

Getting Ready

My youngest son, Zack, and I have been working hard today to get the website ready to "go live." I can't believe how much tech knowledge you need to have a website. There's so much that goes in to the actual creation of the site (Zack did all that) and then you have to figure out how to host it and who should host it, and then how to publicize it and make it accessible to others. I missed my calling - I should've been a webmaster in another life. I'm hoping it wil be live this week, and then you can all see what we've been working so hard on.

It's almost a month since I started this blog. I was uncertain at first as to how I wanted to record my thoughts. Did I want the blog to be only about quilting? Should I avoid controversial subjects entirely? Do I run the risk of being too personal? I think that I started out wanting to relate each day's topic to quilting somehow. I realized that would be too difficult and tried to find a way to be true to myself and still not alienate readers. I am actually glad I started the blog first because it enabled me to find my voice. Although the Quilting Crusader is my business website, this blog is about me and my life and my reflections on the world and my place in it, and I can't hide who I am by not mentioning things that are very important to me, even if it is politics.

Oh, and by the way, my oldest sister, Chrissie, my bird expert (not really, she just knows more than I do about it), confirmed that the little birds on the shore in the photos are indeed sandpipers.

Have a great day.

mjs 9.22.08 10:18 pm


Jenny said...

I feel like I'm a 'peeping tom' into your thoughts, MJ... especially when I read them and don't respond. Like a 'spy' into your thoughts...but much less sinister. Do you think of it that way? One time I started a journal for stress management. I was instructed to use a format in that each entry was a letter to a trusted friend (each entry to the same friend). After awhile, the lines blurred between my journal thoughts and what I had actually told this friend. I would begin to interact as if she knew things she could have never known. It was very surreal because in my mind, I had already shared this stuff. In the end, I had to give it up because it was like living in the "Twilight Zone." I wonder if I'd feel the same way with a blog that I didn't really know who was reading or how often. Do you ever think about such things? Jenny

The Quilting Crusader said...

Sure do. Every word I write I have to consider the sheer number of folks reading it. Then I have to consider that I have to at least be myself to some degree or it's all just a farce. So, it's like a friend I trust, but one I don't tell everything to....


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