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Saturday, September 20, 2008


I've noticed lately that anywhere there seems to be piped in music playing, suddenly a H&O song comes on if I'm there (probably when I'm not there too). The morning my Mom died, my sisters and I left the hospital and entered a restaurant, and the song Wait for Me came on. It's kind of a sad, slow tune and one I'll always associate with her now. Here are the words and tell me that wasn't just eerie that it played at that moment.

Midnight hour almost over

Time is running out for the magic pair

I know you gave the best that you have

But one more chance

couldn't be all that hard to bear.

Wait for me please

Wait for me

Alright, I guess

that's more than I should ask

Wait for me please

Wait for me

Although I know the light is fading fast.

You could go either way

Is it easier to stay

I wonder what you'll do

when your chance rolls around

But you gotta know how much I want to keep you

When I'm away I'm afraid it will all fall down.

Love is what it does and ours is doing nothing

But all the time we spent

It must be good for something

Please forgive all the disturbance I'm creating

But you got a lot to learn if you think that I'm not waiting for you

I miss her every day.

As a dedicated Hall and Oates fan, I just wanted to mention that John Oates' new CD is being released on Sept. 23. It's called 1000 Miles of Life. You can buy it at Amazon. I've heard a couple clips from his website and in You Tube videos, and it sounds like a great album (I'm afraid I'll never stop calling them albums). He visited North Penn high school, his Alma mater, last week and performed for the students there. Then he had a solo concert in Sellersville, PA where his Mom and Dad and wife and son were in the front row. How cool is that! You can find You Tube videos for the North Penn performance online and see what a generous and caring guy he seems, as well as a great singer/songwriter. Mark (my husband) and I were able to read reviews about his performance in the Philly paper when we were at the beach last week (Notice how I keep trying to recall the beach?). It seems like everytime I go to Stone Harbor, I read something about Hall and Oates in the paper there.

Speaking of Stone Harbor, a reader mentioned that my little birdies might be sandpipers. Thinking it over and doing a little research, I believe she may be right (what do I know about birds?), and maybe the seagulls were fat, because they were "ready" to give birth???? I know the babies were pecking at the sand the way sandpipers do. Weird though, I didn't notice any mommy sandpipers - though the birds themselves are so small that it would be hard to tell them apart. Anyway, thank you for bringing it to my attention. The abundance of birds was still cool to watch, and it's nice to know they won't grow up to be irritating like seagulls, if they truly are sandpipers.

Enjoy the day.

mjs 9.20.08 1:24pm

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