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Thursday, September 18, 2008


Is the fabric store where I buy on vacation better or different than where I buy it at home? I could try and tell myself that, but the truth is, no, it's just a better excuse to buy fabric than on a normal day. I buy fabric at a store in Stone Harbor called Harbor Fabrics and then we drive to Ocean City and I visit Calico and Cotton and buy more fabric there. 3 is my number. You know the story - buy one yard if you like it, two if you love it, and three if you can't live without it. Well, my problem is I don't want to live without any of it. I try and look like I'm deliberating over the purchase, but I always buy 3 yards. I'm not one of those exact measurement people, who can figure out to the fat quarter what they'll need for a quilt. I'm always afraid I'll run out. Totally illogical, I know, but just the way I am.

My son and I are working on the website. He's at college and trying to do homework, and I'm bugging him about updating this and that on the site. Sometimes I feel like everything is just so overwhelming to learn. If I were a webmaster, I could be making big bucks helping folks to make websites - it's a valuable skill. I looked into it once, and it would take about a year of concentrated study (no vacations) to become certified. The no vacation part made that less than desirable.

Right now, I'm battling ants in my dishwasher. Those tiny little buggers are driving me crazy. We've managed to destroy all the trails that were leading them to the counter top, but I can't get them out of the dishwasher. I read a hint that they are attracted to the moisture, so as long as I keep the door open, we don't have any. As soon as we close the door, they appear inside. It's driving us all nuts. Who wants to leave the dishwasher door open all the time? If anyone has any suggestions, I'm happy to try them.

Last night I was watching Project Runway - I love that show. I enjoy watching them sew and create beautiful garments. But the main reason love it is because it always surprises me. From the very first episode, I'm never right about what will win on the runway. I think it's obvious which was the best dress, and then I pick all losers. It always works out that their fashion "do's" are my fashion "don'ts." (This would be why I'm not on the Best Dressed list) Very seldom does a show consistently surprise you and it's fun to watch. It's also amazing that they can create such great stuff less than 2 days.

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