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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


What is a widget you might ask? I don't really know, but I have one on my site now. You can click on the orange widget symbol and have my blog appear on your custom web page, whether it's Google or Yahoo, or something else. If you'd like to receive emails to let you know of a new blog posting, you can enter your email address in the box provided.

I'm already losing the whoosh feeling of the ocean. I told my kids I wish you could just bottle that sound and when you're feeling stressed out, listen to the sounds of the ocean to calm you. Whoosh. Ah, yes, I can picture the waves. So (as though I hadn't stopped talking yesterday), the other weird thing about vacation, in addition to the emptiness of the town, was that kids were going to school. The school playgrounds were filled with schoolchildren playing, instead of vacationers playing basketball on their courts. Parents were meeting their children at the school bus, just as they do in my suburban neighborhood. I just never think of people LIVING in my vacation spot and going to school there.

And the life cycle continues. The shore was covered with baby seagulls, who would chase the wave, eating sand crabs, then run away as the tide came in. Instead of squawking seagulls attacking everyone on the beach for food, there were fat mama seagulls stationed every couple of yards in the sand watching over their little babies. It was funny, watching the babies, they were so cute. Their little legs could hardly keep up with the rush of the water.

Of course, next summer they'll be just as annoying as usual, especially when some goofus, like this couple on the beach with us, decides to feed them. They thought it would be cute if she fed the seagulls, while he took a video of her surrounded by the birds. Cute, except she kept moving backwards towards my sandchair and bringing those darn birds with her. Oh, she pretended not to even know it was a bother - I hate when people are SO inconsiderate.


mjs 9.17.08 12:39 am

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Eli said...

You should have pretended to have a LOUD, 'whooshing' conversation with Mark that started: "Remember the movie, "The Birds...? Alfred Hitchcock originally cast seagulls in the movie because they're relentless...even after being fed by humans just one time!"

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